Creative Community Builders provides opportunities to build social capital that communities thrive on. Facilitating green space projects and strategizing for new ways to build social capital is your opportunity to connect and contribute to a healthier and inclusive community full of resources and opportunity.

Enjoy a photo gallery of our work, here.

Our Services…

1) Conceptualizing installing and maintaining green spaces

A) Conceptualizing includes site consultation & Catalog Plan with project timeline & budget ($500)

B) Installation includes installation of features and plantlife ($500)

C) Maintaining green spaces requires routine care and upkeep on a weekly basis ($500 per season)

2) Strategic collaborations & partnerships

A) Identifying key partnership and collaboration opportunities ($500)

B) Partnership strategy, outreach and project planning ($500)

3) Developing community building practices & green programming

A) Assess & identify community building opportunities ($750)

B)Developing green programming & project implementation($750)

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Site visits require payment, which can be reserved for a fee of $25 here.

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