Creative Community Builders has developed a sustainable community ecosystem initiative, My Grow Connect, formerly Grow DC 2016 , in response to the growing need for digital community development platforms in redeveloping and rural communities. The following is our approach to developing My Grow Connect.

Our Principles…

Our work is guided by the seven principles of a healthy, sustainable food system:

  • Health-Promoting
  • Sustainable
  • Resilient
  • Diverse in size and scale, geography, culture and choice
  • Fair
  • Economically Balanced
  • Transparent

Our Experience…

Authors of Creative Content – Strategic Sustainability & Collaboration Planning

Our Method…

We are creating a database of growers to build an engagement platform, illustrating the viability of a local sustainable community ecosystem. By matching each grower based on their sustainable reciprocity, we are connecting people based on their individual requests and offerings. This approach aligns with our practice to be economically balanced, transparent and fair.

We will illustrate the geographical connections of each sustainable ecosystem created by our communities. This approach aligns with our practice to be diverse in size and scale, geography, culture and choice.  In furtherance of this, we will provide the opportunity for social intersections within our communities, and create a different approach by digitizing communal gardening practices.

We Believe…

We believe that people can co-create a community based food system among individual growers in communities. Together, we can sustain a global food system that is based on bartering and sharing what we have from where we live, work and play. Providing a sustainable community ecosystem allows individuals to grow plants, edibles and/or ornamentals, both beneficial to the environment and supportive in growing  a sustainable community food system. This collaboration between nature and neighbors is CCB’s  approach to be inclusive of and aligned with the principle of sustainability and resilience.

We believe. Do you? Follow our progress and join the conversation @jllumpkin

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Growers can join the movement for a community-based food system in their area by visiting here