Afro-Ecology: Cultivating Connectivity

The subject of agriculture is one that is vast and has many complex elements. The intersectionality of food and our place in our societal wealth gap is one that cannot be denied. It is apparent each time we sit down to eat at our dinner table, in our car or at the local park bench. Where, what and how we eat means something — it’s more than just a spot to grab a bite, it’s about choices and whether  or not we make those choices for ourselves.  While solving issues of displacement, it is important to understand our place and purpose within this conversation. Inclusivity, intentionality and mindfulness are integrated when approaching the conversation of social justice and food access.

The Afro-Ecology Series, conducted by the Black Dirt Farm Collective, takes a look at how we can collectively address the issues of displacement through community, agriculture and access to healthy food in our communities and more specifically, within Black communities. Derived from the term agroecology, which is the study of ecological processes that operate in agricultural production systems, afro-ecology focuses specifically on the ecological processes that are relatable and relevant to Black folks in their communities.

The series has run from April  and will continue in May, with the culminating build taking place on Saturday, May 21st. Goals of the upcoming community garden event include:

  • Beautifying the neighborhood
  • Strengthen community bonds
  • Provide a recreational opportunity for the community
  • Promote environmental awareness, especially among youth and elders

Digging deep for real solutions is part of My Grow Connect’s platform to establish connections between residents in established and changing communities. Connectivity is a core element to creating community-based food systems while building sustainable social capital and collective wealth. The challenge of access to food and resources continues to bring new and interesting questions to the table which we are all invited to sit down, eat and tackle together.

The environment that is ripe for everyone to learn and everyone has something to gain. There is no one expert or leader in this game — we are all in this together. We hope you will join us.


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