Seeing Green in Baltimore

On Saturday, April 9th, Creative Community Builders held its first workshop with the Baltimore Office of Sustainability at the Neighborhood Grow Center in Southwest Baltimore. We had an opportunity to get up close and personal with novice and experienced local growers while connecting and learning with each other. Many farmers and gardeners are turning vacant land in their communities into thriving green spaces that deter crime and act as a conduit for green education and informal community gatherings.

Positive examples of communities taking an active approach to improving an already great city is something that we find extremely valuable and imperative for a changing city such as Baltimore. It is uplifting to see diverse and varied groups of folks with a single mission to make Baltimore shine through green practices and we hope to contribute to the conversation. Diversity in instructors, green educators and growers is integral for gathering everyone around the table for the important developments taking place in green spaces. Continuing the conversation towards inclusivity and connectedness will be our goal in greening up Baltimore!

The workshop exceeded our expectations for community building and we hope to join this series again. You can also check out our feature in the Baltimore Sun here.


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